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Welcome to Text features handy text tools for writers, web publishers or anyone who creates or manages documents. These tools allow you to convert files from one format to another, and to manipulate or correct text in various ways. Need to count the words in your document? Use our word counter. Need to remove irregular line breaks, or change a block of text from all-caps to lower case or sentence case? We have tools for that. As the website grows you'll see more and more tools being added as they are being created.

Under every tool you'll see a review section, where you can add your of the tool. Or simply read what others who have used the tools think.

Under Articles you can read about trends and developments in the industry and feel free to send us your input through the contact form.
Resources will provide links to some very useful tools, articles and resources.

You can search for items using the search tool on the right. Simply type in a search term and select a category. Or simply select a category and click search.
We add tools that we find useful ourselves. We also try to anticipate the needs of bloggers, CMS managers, freelance writers or journalists, and web developers.

Most of the tools are javascript based, which makes them fairly speedy, as the processing is completed on your computer rather than being held up by a server-side script.

These online tools have been tested on most modern browsers and will not work on some older browsers.

I hope these tools will save you a lot of time on the little tasks and annoyances that writers and web publishers face, and leave you free to do what you want to do - write and create.

Thanks a million,